Independent Axis Hot Wire Machine

The Mammut is the flagship of Nettuno since 2008.
With its adaptable structure and adjustable cutting wire length, Mammut revolutionizes the operations of operators and companies working with Expanded and Extruded Polystyrene.
The Mammut comes with years of experience, making it the most advanced and high-performing CNC hot wire foam cutting machine in the global market. Furthermore, our cutting and project development software, Nettuno Docker Cam, has received updates with new graphics and advanced applications. It continues to offer a user-friendly interface for cutting EPS / XPS in 2D and 3D. Experience the cutting-edge capabilities of Mammut as it sets new standards in the foam cutting industry.


- Construction Sector
- Exhibit Decor
- Signage
- Many Other Uses

Now Introducing:


Automatic settings for heat and speed adjustment

The Wire Becomes Intelligent

The patented Clevel will automatically adjust for foam density and variance within the foam as well as any moisture remaining in the foam providing the most efficient speed and cut quality possible.

This process is unique to the Nettuno System.

Clevel helps eliminate errors and inaccuracies in cutting due to the variances in foam, and continuously monitors for the best cut speed.

The Clevel is available on the 120pbox, 400i, Infinity, 800i series of machines.

Software Reimagined.

The team at Nettuno take a revolutionary approach to the patented software that runs their machines, creating beautifully simple and functional interfaces.

With limitless functionality and seamless integration with your design process, you owe it to yourself to find out how this system can make your work flow simpler.

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