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Kick Out Diverter Flashing

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Our kick out diverters are manufactured from a recyclable engineered preformed non-corrosive, non-conductive, UV-resistant, Thermoplastic PolyOlefin (TPO) material designed for extreme weather conditions. They will not rust, corrode or conduct electricity, while their flexible seamless construction can withstand ice damming and wind-driven rain.


These self-positioning, seamless kick out diverters are designed for consistent placement to work with multiple roof pitches and remove the guess work of in-field trial and error, eliminating failures. Proportionally sized to re-direct the large volume water runoff focused at roof eave-to-wall intersections. Engineered for sustainability, our commercial-grade TPO kick out flashing is code, NRCA, Energy Star, and EPA compliant and compatible with leading industry guidelines.

  • Use at any roof-to-wall intersections
  • Designed to divert water into the gutter system
  • Ensure that water will not enter siding
  • Reduce possibility of mold due to water entering walls
  • Reduce foundational damage by keeping water routed through gutter
  • 14.5" L x 6" H x 6" W,
  • Other colors available upon request.

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