Pump Sprayers

EIFS / Stucco sprayer

Save time, speed up material application, and increase your profitability.

Boost your productivity

Hand troweling stucco and EIFS materials is time-consuming and labor intensive. With the EIFS / Stucco Pump, you save time, speed up the process, and increase your profits by spraying and finish-troweling materials instead of using the traditional hawk-and-trowel method.

Engineered with piston pump technology, the pump delivers materials through long hose lengths which helps you spray longer and farther to get the job done sooner. Spend more time spraying and less time moving your equipment around the jobsite.

Easy to operate

  • Plug and play - pump plugs into a standard 120V wall outlet or an appropriately-sized generator
  • Variable speed control - dial in the exact speed needed
  • Optional remote control on/off switch - lets you start or stop the pump from the applicator

Compact, portable, and easy to move

  • The EIFS / Stucco Pump's compact design and small footprint make it easy to transport into the jobsite
  • It's lightweight and easily lifted by two people
  • Easily fits into tight spaces so you can spray with ease

Also available in Drywall Material / Paint Sprayer configuration.
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