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Redefine "Possible".

We have one rule when it comes to our equipment lines: don't settle.

This philosophy has brought us to the manufacturing plants of some of the finest machinery manufacturers in the world. We are proud to present a line of blade and hot-wire foam cutting machines that truly represents this motto.

Whether your production line needs a brand new piece of equipment or can take advantage of our review and upgrade program, and whether your company is looking to create with foam or recycle left over pieces from production, we have the ability to find what your company needs to be successful.

Not sure where to start? Contact our team. We'd love to help.

Premium blade driven foam cutting machines unlike any other.

Powerfully customizable beyond anything you've seen before.

Foam Cutting Systems

PREMIUM reliability.
Made in the USA.

Foam and Plastic
Recycling Systems

Cold compaction, heat densification, shredding, and grinding: recycling made easy.

Speed up your efficiency.

Drywall, paint, EIFS, & stucco sprayers.

Speed up your efficiency.

Other PREMIUM tools and accessories

Barnaby Tool and Equipment


View the very best equipment lines the industry has to offer for foam cutting, profiling, and recycling. Check out the sprayers, mixers and more to elevate your business above all the rest. You have earned your customers' trust. Keep it by making sure you have access to the equipment your company needs.

Confused about what equipment you need to make your production line complete? Talk with our pros now to get on the right track.

With world-renowned technicians and decades of experience, we have the team you need and the support you deserve.

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