Double Bevel Knife Edge Blade

Single or double bevel, single or double edge

Application: foam, sponge, rubber, & leather

This blade is used when a dust-free, smooth, precise cut is required and are manufactured to be extra sharp and hardened while maintaining high elasticity

Double Bevel V Tooth Blade

Single or double bevel, single or double edge

Application: designed to cut soft to medium materials including foams, plastics, sponge, packaging materials, & lightweight rubber

V-Tooth Blades cut more aggressively than a knife edge blade, and are also available with the more aggressive conventional-type tooth which should be considered when cutting denser foams.

Packaging Blade

Single or double edge, Packaging Blades have a set tooth configuration (ETS-one tooth left, one tooth right, etc.) or Raker (one tooth left, one right, with the third tooth straight)

Application: corrugated cardboard, medium to heavy foam, styrofoam, bubble wrap, bone, & tissue processing

Packaging Blades are induction heat treated to provide a harder cutting surface and extended blade life

Scallop Blade

A very aggressive blade that exudes minimal dust.

Application: medium to heavy foams, insulation materials, rubber, paperboard, packaging film and foil, cardboard tubes, fiberglass, and boneless meats.

Scallop blades are the favorite blades for mattress manufacturers, cutting very dense foams, and work particularly well with Gel-Foams.

Wavy Blade

Cuts straight and smoothly while leaving minimal dust

Application: lighter foams, fabric, felt, fibrous materials, foam rubber, sponge, vinyl, leather, paper, cardboard, filter media

The Wavy Blade works particularly well cutting fibrous materials since the wave cuts smoothly through the materials and will not pull the individual fibers like a V-Tooth product

Fast Wire Blade

Fast Wire blades are an alternative to using steel blades and can be used on specialty computerized CNC contour machines where preset designated program cuts to a desired length, width, and/or thickness

Application: expanded polyurethane foams, extruded polyester, rock wool, foam resins, and calcium silicates

Butcher Blade

Induction-heat treated teeth provide a harder cutting surface while the back is left untreated to provide elasticity to the blade structure

Application: beef, pork, fish, and poultry

Can also be used on: dense foams, corrugated cardboard, tubes, packaging materials, polyethylene/polyurethane foams and bubble wrap

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