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Barnaby Tool and Equipment


View the very best equipment lines the industry has to offer for foam cutting, profiling, and recycling. Check out the sprayers, mixers and more to elevate your business above all the rest. You have earned your customers' trust. Keep it by making sure you have access to the equipment your company needs.

BEROXpert North America


What you use every day to create your craft matters. To help make sure it's the absolute best, we've put together a selection of hand tools that lasts longer, functions better, and is made from higher quality parts than the competition. From next-level hot knives and foam rasps, to trowels that are actually in stock and EIFS washers that are actually EIFS manufacturer approved, check out the full line of hand tools here.

It's your business. Buy the best.

We know that your business isn't just a business. It's your dream. Your passion. Your legacy. We know the feeling, because that's how we feel about our business too. It's what drives us to find the absolute best tools and equipment that exists. If we can't find it, we make it.

Make sure that your work stands out above the competition by buying, stocking, and working with the best.

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