All of our products carry an unconditional six (6) month guarantee.

Barnaby Tool and Equipment, LLC ("Barnaby Tool and Equipment™") must be notified within thirty-six (36) hours of receipt of defective or damaged merchandise or shortages.

Warranty will be void for any equipment or tools that are disassembled without prior written consent from Barnaby Tool and Equipment™.

Defective products will either be replaced or repaired at no charge at Barnaby Tool and Equipment™’s discretion.

Abused or misused tools will be repaired and returned only if the customer consents to charges.

The maximum amount of liability Barnaby Tool and Equipment™, shall have is the actual purchase price of products obtained through our current catalog.

Buyer must properly operate and maintain the product, including parts and accessories, in compliance with all operation and maintenance instructions, in normal use, and in good condition and repair.

Authorization for modification:

Buyer must obtain written authorization from Barnaby Tool and Equipment™ before making any modification of any product, part or accessory.

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