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Invest in your craft. Get your hands on the revolutionary design of our all-new SmartBlade hot knives now.

These hot knives are professional foam cutting works of art, handling and slicing through foam more smoothly than anything else you have ever seen.

Barnaby Tool and Equipment

Redefining PREMIUM.

The most established EIFS / CI manufacturer-approved, polymer-based washer on the market since 2001.

Experience a tungsten rasp like you've never seen before. Laser straight. Varied grit. Comfort Cork handle. PERFECTION.

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What you use every day to create your craft matters. To help make sure it's the absolute best, we've put together a selection of hand tools that lasts longer, functions better, and is made from higher quality parts than the competition. From next-level hot knives and foam rasps, to trowels that are actually in stock and EIFS washers that are actually EIFS manufacturer approved, check out the full line of hand tools here.

Barnaby Tool and Equipment is proud to offer the timeless quality of BEROXpert hand tools. From the best trowels in the world to the finest drywall skimming blades, there is simply none better.

The trades are in our bloodstream. We've assembled a top-tier team to make sure you have what you need at the quality that you deserve.

Interested in carrying our tool line in your showroom? We'd love to connect with you and work to find the best fit for your customers.

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