Independent Axis Hot Wire Machine

The Mammut is the flagship of Nettuno since 2008.
With its adaptable structure and adjustable cutting wire length, Mammut revolutionizes the operations of operators and companies working with Expanded and Extruded Polystyrene.
The Mammut comes with years of experience, making it the most advanced and high-performing CNC hot wire foam cutting machine in the global market. Furthermore, our cutting and project development software, Nettuno Docker Cam, has received updates with new graphics and advanced applications. It continues to offer a user-friendly interface for cutting EPS / XPS in 2D and 3D. Experience the cutting-edge capabilities of Mammut as it sets new standards in the foam cutting industry.
Machine cutting area
The ease of the table sliding on rails structure of the CNC hot-wire foam cutting machine Mammut enables an expanded cutting area, allowing for 13 foot across the wire cuts. This machine easily transitions from industrial work cycles to precision settings for accurate cuts. The Mammut’s versatility allows it to switch between wire diameters, ranging from 0.20 to 0.60 mm. It can handle detailed and precise cuts, even on delicate work-pieces of very small dimensions, all achievable through CNC capabilities.

Multiple movable tabletops
Loading the expanded polystyrene block has never been easier. The machine’s 4 movable tabletops can be effortlessly moved on their recirculating ball bearing guides, gliding along rails, facilitating the quick and easy loading of a new foam block. The s tabletop is smooth and perfectly level enabling precise cutting of even small shapes with utmost accuracy.

Adaptable structure
The structure of this CNC hot-wire machine can be easily extended due to its accurate rails fixed on the ground, enabling the cutting of expanded polystyrene blocks over 13 foot long. Upon request, Mammut can be customized to cut EPS blocks up to 19 foot long. This adaptability makes Mammut suitable for processing both large and small foam shapes with intricate details. Its versatility allows the installation of cutting wires with different diameters, ranging from 0.20 to 0.60 mm. Working with Mammut is akin to having multiple CNC foam cutters, as it can be adapted for various cutting processes for expanded polystyrene.

Automatic wire tension system
The CNC hot-wire foam cutting machine Mammut features an advanced “automatic wire tensioner,” a product of Nettuno Sistemi’s extensive research, which has been unsuccessfully imitated by competitors worldwide. The PC-controlled Tensioner Nettuno enables the cutting wire to achieve the maximum inclination between the axes, without any restrictions, making it ideal for foam conical/tapered cuts. Equipped with a wire spool, the tensioner adjusts the wire tension continuously during the cutting process with independent axes, ensuring consistent tension and providing the utmost cutting accuracy.

Cutting Wire Angle
By reducing the dimensions of the main structure and using fixed rails on the ground, the machine achieves a higher wire inclination compared to machines with a fixed structure. This high angle of inclination, equivalent to the diagonal of the system, allows for cutting unique conical and tapered EPS shapes that would be challenging to achieve with a standard machine. The increased wire inclination offers greater flexibility and precision during the cutting process, enabling the creation of intricate and specialized foam designs.

The Console is a solid and complete workstation that includes a PC, monitor, and controls for the software/hardware functions of the machines. All components are Dell branded to ensure high efficiency and reliability, providing a reliable and seamless working experience.

The Handheld Keypad from Nettuno allows you to perform various operations: Jog Moving, Play / Pause, Stop, Adjust Cutting Speed, Rotate Turntable and Control the Position of Axes. These operations can be performed while staying close to the cutting wire, controlling the machine remotely without using the main control (power station). This feature is particularly useful when executing manual moving and cuts of foam blocks, offering convenience and flexibility during the cutting process.


- Construction Sector
- Exhibit Decor
- Signage
- Many Other Uses

Now Introducing:


Automatic settings for heat and speed adjustment

The Wire Becomes Intelligent

The patented Clevel will automatically adjust for foam density and variance within the foam as well as any moisture remaining in the foam providing the most efficient speed and cut quality possible.

This process is unique to the Nettuno System.

Clevel helps eliminate errors and inaccuracies in cutting due to the variances in foam, and continuously monitors for the best cut speed.

The Clevel is available on the 120pbox, 400i, Infinity, 800i series of machines.

Software Reimagined.

The team at Nettuno take a revolutionary approach to the patented software that runs their machines, creating beautifully simple and functional interfaces.

With limitless functionality and seamless integration with your design process, you owe it to yourself to find out how this system can make your work flow simpler.

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