- Specially designed for mixing thick products like stucco or industrial coatings
- 5 to 1 transmission ratio to handle the toughest jobs
- Each 3/4hp motor is controlled by a can-in-place micro-switch that only spins paddles that have a bucket in place.
- One timer and emergency switch operates all 3 motors.
- Unit sold complete with heavy duty 10 Ft long roller conveyer, quick release chucks, and three Boomerang mixing paddles
- Bucket slide locking mechanism
- Easy to use counter balanced positioning arm


Blender Specifications:

Dimensions - 73" H x 39" W x 37" D

Motor - Three 3/4 HP heavy duty ball bearing motors

Electric Rating - 230 volt / 60 Hz, 16 Amp

Paddle Speed - 345 RPM

Roller-Line Conveyor Specifications:

Dimensions - 23" H x 24" W x 21 " D

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