The Paragon Heat Densifier Series are hand-fed machines used to process foam onsite through a process of shredding while heat is added to densify and extrude densified purge blocks which become the final recycling product. This process reduces the volume of the foam approximately 90 to 1.

These machines can densify three main types of foam: polystyrene, polyethylene, and polypropylene. All foam densifiers have passed rigorous air quality testing for health and environmental safety.

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- Densifies polystyrene (EPS), polyethylene (EPE) & polypropylene (EPP)
- Processes up to 1000 lbs./hour of loose EPS foam
- Reduces foam volume by approximately 90 to 1
- Shreds foam pieces up to 4 feet wide
- Bag system to increase operator productivity

More About Paragon Foam and Plastic Recycling

Paragon Foam and Plastic Recycling Systems produces time tested, high quality machines for the foam and plastic recycling industry with a wide array of options designed to meet your specific needs and preferences.

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Foam Buy Back Program

Earn money back on the foam that you recycle by selling it back after it has been densified or compacted. Barnaby Tool and Equipment will pair you with buyers that will buy your recycled foam in bulk.

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