400I Sniper

Independent Axis Hot Wire Machine

The 400I Plus Sniper by Nettuno Sistemi is an Industrial hot-wire CNC foam cutting machinesdesigned for companies that require high-volume production.
This CNC foam cutter is known for its strength, reliability, and versatility.

It can be equipped with various extra tools to enhance the processing of expanded polystyrene, such as the vertical turntable, horizontal turntable, carver, multiple wire harp, and clevel.

All the machines in the Sniper series feature Closed Loop Stepper motors, a microprocessor for controlling the cutting wire temperature, and the innovative pc-controlled wire tensioner developed by Nettuno Sistemi.
The main structure is constructed using large anodized aluminium profiles and steel, providing robustness and stability. Additionally, the table top is made of Melamine high-density wood fiber, ensuring a smooth and level surface for precise cutting.

With these advanced features and components, the Sniper CNC foam cutting machines series deliver high cutting capacity and extreme precision, making them ideal for industrial-scale foam cutting operations. The CNC 400i Sniper model is highly adaptable and can be used for cutting both expanded and extruded polystyrene in various industries, including construction n, packaging, and insulation. Additionally, they are well-suited for applications in signage, scenography, exhibition stands, event decoration, movie sets, interior design, furniture, and logos. The versatility of these machines makes them suitable for a wide range of cutting needs across different businesses and industries.
The 400i Sniper is equipped with an advanced “automatic wire tensioner” developed by Nettuno Sistemi after years of research. This innovative feature has been poorly copied by competitors worldwide.
PC-controlled Wire Tensioner Nettuno enables the cutting wire to reach the maximum inclination between the axes, allowing for foam conical/tapered cuts without any limitations. During the cutting process with independent axes, a spool releases and pulls the cutting wire, ensuring constant tension of the wire and resulting in the best cutting accuracy. This precise and reliable wire tensioning system ensures optimal performance and efficiency in the foam cutting process.
Our console, included with our CNC machines, provides a sturdy structure designed to ensure reliability and functionality. With its robustness and practicality, it’s intended to optimize efficiency and comfort during work operations. The component based console make any required diagnostic work to easily be completed.

The Handheld Remote allows you to perform various operations: Jog Moving, Play / Pause, Stop, Adjust Cutting Speed, Rotate Turntable and Control the Position of Axes.

Nettunos hot-wire cutting system is built on patented software applications. Committed to continuous development and strive to provide a user-friendly software interface. The software of the hot-wire CNC foam cutting machine is divided into two different applications first is the Nettuno Docker. This is CAM integrated with Corel Draw and is used for creating 2D and 3D models and drawings. The Nettuno Cutter is an interface that is directly connected to the machine and is used for performing 3D cutting simulations and executing the actual cuts.


- Building Decor
- Signage
- Packaging
- Insulation
- Many Other Uses

Now Introducing:


Automatic settings for heat and speed adjustment

The Wire Becomes Intelligent

The patented Clevel will automatically adjust for foam density and variance within the foam as well as any moisture remaining in the foam providing the most efficient speed and cut quality possible.

This process is unique to the Nettuno System.

Clevel helps eliminate errors and inaccuracies in cutting due to the variances in foam, and continuously monitors for the best cut speed.

The Clevel is available on the 120pbox, 400i, Infinity, 800i series of machines.

Software Reimagined.

The team at Nettuno take a revolutionary approach to the patented software that runs their machines, creating beautifully simple and functional interfaces.

With limitless functionality and seamless integration with your design process, you owe it to yourself to find out how this system can make your work flow simpler.

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