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At BEROXpert, we strive to embody PREMIUM with each and every tool that we produce. From the design and engineering stage to the moment that our tools are in your hands, we take care to source the highest quality materials and utilize the most scrutinizing quality control measures to make sure that our tools meet your standards that you deserve.

PREMIUM Finishing Blades

For the smoothest finish in drywall, try the original BEROXpert™ Finishing Blades. From 10" to 48" with a sturdy professional carrying case.

Golden Finishing Trowels

Made to the exacting quality that German hand manufacturing is renowned for with the best plate available on any trowel worldwide.

UltraLight Trowels

Discover the lightest trowel on earth with a SuperFlex double blade of matchless quality. Perfect when perfection matters.

From our PREMIUM and BeroGrip Drywall Finishing Blades to our joint and taping knives, we only use the best stainless steel, and most comfortable, ergonomic handles.

We take innovation to a PREMIUM level as well with our MudRollers, SunLight Cordless Illuminator, and Dustless Sanding System.

The result is a smoother wall in less time and using fewer labor hours, increasing your productivity.

EIFS and stucco tools should be as timeless as the trades themselves. Far too many tradesmen have experienced the tools that they buy failing sooner due to increasingly cheaper materials and construction processes.

We make tools like that last using the finest metals, the most comfortable handles, with the best results.

Try them. We dare you.



There's no other system like the BEROXpert line of drywall tools. Save time, improve labor costs, and achieve a better finish with these specially designed mud rollers. Made with a curly black plastic nap, they are easy to load, easy to use, and easy to clean.

Our 3" roller is perfect for prefill and initial coating of tape, while the 7" and 9" are perfect for feathering out a joint wider. The 9" roller is perfect through level five skim coating, as it can hold over 3 lbs. of mud and cover 320 square feet of wall or ceiling per hour. When used with our extension pole, you'll never want to use a pan or hawk again.

BEROXpert Mud Rollers are the perfect companion to the PREMIUM SuperFLEX or BERO-Grip Drywall Finishing Blades.

Dustless sanding doesn't have to be outrageously expensive. Our economical vacuum manual sanders don't have moving parts so you can get the job done without worry about expensive repairs on power sanders.

Available in either flat or corner sander designs, no other sander gives you as many options for the cost.

Use our Sunlight Cordless Illuminator as you work or to inspect your wall's finish. With 1,500 lumens, the trio of LED lights inside this lamp eliminate callbacks due to imperfections in the finish.

North America™

BEROXpert's PREMIUM tools are brought to the North American market through BEROXpert North America, LLC, a subsidiary of Barnaby Tool and Equipment, LLC. The team at BEROXpert North America is proud to represent the BEROXpert name and offers its quality tools and services through authorized dealers and distributors throughout North and Central America.

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What you use every day to create your craft matters. To help make sure it's the absolute best, we've put together a selection of hand tools that lasts longer, functions better, and is made from higher quality parts than the competition. From next-level hot knives and foam rasps, to trowels that are actually in stock and EIFS washers that are actually EIFS manufacturer approved, check out the full line of hand tools here.

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