UF-5500 | Universal Flush Access Door
UF-5500 | Universal Flush Access Door

Universal flush access door for walls and ceilings, designed for installation in all types of flush surfaces. The drawn flanged door panel has rounded corners for both safety and an architecturally pleasing appearance. The frame is drawn as one piece, which provides excellent strength and rigidity. Fabricated from galvanized steel and coated with a white baked-on polyester powder paint, this door will perform well in high corrosive applications.


  • Installation in drywall, plaster, masonry, tile or any flush surface

Product Features

  • Drawn flanged door panel with rounded corners
  • Concealed hinge and welds
  • Galvanized steel material with white baked-on polyester powder coat

UF-5500 Access Door Specifications:

Material: 12” x 12” and smaller are 20 gauge galvanized steel door & frame. Over 15” x 15” and larger are 18 gauge galvanized steel door & frame

Door: Flush To Frame- Drawn flanged door panel with rounded corners

Door Frame: Drawn one-piece trim flange and mounting frame

Door Hinge: Concealed

Standard Latch: Slot screwdriver operated cam latch

Finish: White baked-on polyester powder coat

Optional Latches / Locks:

  • Cylinder lock and key
  • Allen spanner or torx head cam latch

Contact us for pricing for alternative materials or optional latches / locks

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UF-5500 | Universal Flush Access Door

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