PREMIUM SuperFlex Drywall Finishing Blade
PREMIUM SuperFlex Drywall Finishing Blade

Exceptional quality. Unbeatable finish. PREMIUM.

Introduced to the North American market nearly a decade ago, the PREMIUM Drywall Finishing Blade has revolutionized drywall finishing on a global scale.

Made from the highest quality INOX stainless steel and lightweight, impact-resistant poly grip, these finishing blades have more than earned their spot in the BEROXpert PREMIUM line. With a broad range of sizes, this is the perfect system for pre-fill through creating a flawless level five finish.

  • Wide range of sizes is perfect for pre-fill through level five skimming
  • Premium SuperFlex 0.3mm INOX stainless steel blade
  • Blade tapers 1.5” from each corner to prevent draglines
  • Comfortable ergonomic design reduces wrist strain
  • Up to 50% labor savings due to enhanced efficiency over traditional knives

BEROXpert North America

PREMIUM SuperFlex Drywall Finishing Blade

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