Gutter Guard PRO | Gray
Gutter Guard PRO | Gray
Gutter Guard PRO | Gray
Gutter Guard PRO | Gray
Gutter Guard PRO | Gray
Gutter Guard PRO | Gray
Gutter Guard PRO | Gray

PVC Gutter Guard PRO™ Protects Your Gutters!


Prevents Debris and Leaf Build-Up in Gutters

If you are frustrated by constantly climbing ladders to unclog your gutters, here is the solution! Gutter Guard PRO™ is designed so that the wind and rain do the cleaning for you.


Durable and Affordable One-Piece Construction
The simple but effective design of Gutter Guard PRO™ offers a sturdy and cost-effective solution in a market where complex and expensive seems to be the norm.


UV Tested for Long Outdoor Life

You can be assured of the UV resistance and durability of this product. Gutter Guard PRO™ is listed by Warnock-Hersey and ASTM as a product that meets or exceeds their standards in the areas of tensile and flexural strength, dimensional stability, and resistance to exterior weather conditions.


Drip Edge Prevents Streaks on Gutter Face

Gutter Guard PRO™'s unique drip edge technology helps to prevent the dirty "tiger striping" which commonly occurs on the face of the gutter. Deflecting dirt and debris away from the face of the gutter helps keep your home looking like new.


Fits Common Residential 5" Systems

Gutter Guard PRO™ is designed to rest on the mounting hangers of any 5-inch continuous gutter system. This allows the system to function at a consistent angle independent of the roof pitch and gutter slope. Gutter Guard PRO™ can also be installed along with any type of roofing materials


Fastener-Free, Snap-on/Snap-off Design

Unlike other products, the unique lock-in design of Gutter Guard PRO™ requires no fasteners. This means that, in the event that your gutters require maintenance, the system can quickly and easily be removed and reinstalled without hassle. 


  • Best way to control gutter clutter
  • No leaf buildup, twice the number of holes to allow water to flow through
  • Heavy-duty design
  • Easy snap-on installation - no tools required
  • Fits common residential 5" gutters, ends overlap
  • Built-in drip edge prevents "tiger striping" on gutters
  • Weather-resistant, UV resistant, lead-free PVC
  • Also available in brown, tan, & white
  • Class A fire rating
  • Meets ASTM-D1784, D4216 & C1063
  • Made in the USA


25 pieces at 4 feet long = 100 linear feet

3 pieces 4 feet long = 12 linear feet

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Gutter Guard PRO | Gray

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