BeroGrip Specialty Finishing Blade | Rubber Blade

Building upon the concepts proven by the original PREMIUM line, the BeroGrip system of finishing blades introduces a level of flexibility with drywall blades not found anywhere else in the world.


With a barrel grip, a unique handle and extension pole design, and four different types of blades, you can be sure that there is a BeroGrip option for whatever application you work with. As with the PREMIUM line, the BeroGrip blades utilize our precise design to move the fulcrum back into the grip, ensuring ten times more contact area with the surface for a superior finish over traditional taping knives.


  • Lightweight barrel grip handles easily and is fluted for a more secure grip
  • Rubber blade is perfect for knockdown texture
  • Works great on wallpaper application
  • Rounded corners prevent draglines in compound
  • Pair with the handle and extension pole (sold separately) for unsurpassed convenience

BEROXpert North America

BeroGrip Specialty Finishing Blade | Rubber Blade

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