1" 7-Segment Knife Refill Pack

Designed for Professionals

The 1" / 25mm extra heavy-duty silver snap-off blade is manufactured from high-quality tool steel. These professional blades deliver durable, lasting performance. Each blade is precision honed for unparalleled sharpness and edge retention. With seven segments per blade, a fresh sharp edge is always available quick and easy.

Use 1" wide, 25mm thick heavy-duty, silver, snap-off blades to deliver accuracy and reliability for cutting nylon, rope, high-pressure laminates, flexible plastics, and more.

  • High quality, long-lasting steel for durable professional performance
  • Always sharp – simply snap for new sharp edge
  • 7-segment, 25mm snap-off blade
  • Fits 25mm utility knives

    Barnaby Tool and Equipment

    1" 7-Segment Knife Refill Pack

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