PREMIUM SuperFlex Trowel | Stainless Steel | Comfort Cork Handle

PREMIUM is redefined once more with the highest standard of all INOX double blade trowels available worldwide. Using the framework of our flagship PREMIUM Finishing Trowel, the PREMIUM SuperFlex trowel uses the same premium manufacturing processes while elevating the trowel’s flexibility with the highest grade of INOX flexible stainless steel in the world.

We've worked with automotive manufacturers to develop an adhesive to adhere our double blade, eliminating delaminating blades as seen on inferior trowels that use double-stick tape. Paired with 360° of flexibility around the blade, there is no finer flexible trowel.


  • Stiff top blade adds strength
  • Flexible bottom blade gives control and finesse
  • Blade adhesion will not delaminate
  • Rounded corners to prevent draglines
  • Also available in our traditional California Camelback wood handle

    BEROXpert North America

    PREMIUM SuperFlex Trowel | Stainless Steel | Comfort Cork Handle

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